Our goal is to build a fully indexed and searchable directory of all theatre artists working in the Bay Area. We ask you to contribute to this effort by entering more than just the usual top-line names to your entry. Please provide as much detail as you can, listing names and roles from principal performers on through to stage crew, dressers and follow spot operators. 

You can add new artists to the  database by completing the following fields on the pop-up screen:

  • FIRST NAME: Please enter the artist's first name. Names with leading initials like C.Thomas or dual initials like J.R. and commonly conjoined first names like Mary Ann or Billy-Bob can be entered in this field rather than separating them and between this and the Middle Name field. [Required]
  • MIDDLE NAME: Please enter the artist's middle name or initial using distinct middle names like Sarah Jessica Parker, Michael J. Fox or Leigh Taylor Young. [Optional]
  • LAST NAME: Please enter the artist's last name. If the name is hyphenated like Daniel Day-Lewis the entire last name should be entered here. Un-hyphenated names should be split between the Middle Name field and this field. [Required]
  • EMAIL: Please enter if available. This is particulary important for the awards program so that finalists can be notified at the end of a season that they are at the last stage of being considered for receiving a TBA Award. If we do not have this data we must task the producing company with making those notifications.
  • UNIONS: Please add any known union afiliation for the artist. If needed, hold down the Shift key (Mac) or Option key (Windows) to select mutiple unions. If you select a union in error you can hold down the Shift key (Mac) or Option key (Windows) to deselect it.

Click Save (or Cancel if necessary) to return to the Production Credits entry screen. If you submit something in error, use the send us a note link at the bottom of every screen to send corrected information.

NOTE: If you are submitting a new entry to the artist database and you want that person to appear on yout TBA awards ballot for evaluation  you must first Add the artist as shown above and then Save the Production Credits record with the appropriate Category and Role data.



Something need editing? Please send us a note with a link to the page and a description of the edit and we'll make the change! Thank you!