The Pirates of PenzanceReturn

Playwright W.S. Gilbert & Arthur Sullivan Composer Arthur Sullivan Lyricist W.S. Gilbert Librettist W.S. Gilbert Source Author Gilbert & Sullivan Source Title The Pirates of Penzance or The Slave of Duty Producer Ross Valley Players  [Website] Description When Frederic was a boy, his nurse, Ruth, was told to apprentice him as a pilot. She, “being somewhat hard of hearing,” apprenticed him to a band of pirates—an apprenticeship that is to end on his 21st birthday. Although he loathes the trade, Frederic has dutifully served the pirates. His birthday approaches and he is preparing to leave and to begin a life devoted to exterminating piracy.

Frederic urges the pirates to join him, but they refuse, except for Ruth, who wishes to become his wife. He has seen few women except for Ruth and so he has believed her when she told him that she is beautiful, and agrees to take her.

Then Major General Stanley’s daughters happen upon the scene. Frederic sees their beauty, realizes that Ruth has lied to him and renounces her. The pirates seize the other girls and threaten them with immediate marriage. The Major General tries to dissuade them by telling them he is an orphan. The ruse works; the Major General and the girls go free.

Stricken with guilt over his lie, the brooding Major General is consoled by his daughters and by Frederic’s plan to lead a band of police against the pirates.

Meanwhile, the Pirate King and Ruth appear and beckon to Frederic. It seems there is a problem—his indentures were to run until his 21st birthday—and since he was born on February 29th, he has really only had 5 birthdays. Being a man with a strong sense of duty, Frederic immediately rejoins the pirate band, tells them of the plot to attack them, and the pirates immediately seize the Major General.

But the police come to the rescue and charge the pirates to yield in Queen Victoria’s name! This they do and Ruth presents proof that they are all actually noblemen and they are pardoned and permitted to marry the Major General’s daughters.
Running Time 2:15 Performers Joni DeGabriele   [Mabel]
Norman Hall   [Major General Stanley]
Cordell Wesselink   [Frederic]
Phillip Williams   [The Pirate King]
Dana Cherry   [Isabel]
Christina Jacqua   [Ruth]
Amanda Morando   [Edith]
Bobby Singer   [Sergeant of Police]
Katie Sorensen   [Kate]
Greg Wolff   [Samuel]
Javier Alarcon   [A Pirate]
Charles Bookoff   [A Policeman]
Stephen Dietz   [A Policeman]
Bob Galagaran   [A Pirate]
John Griffin   [A Pirate]
Izaak Heath   [A Pirate]
Chloe Hunwick   [A Daughter]
Jeremy Ivory-Chambers   [A Pirate]
Arden Kilzer   [A Daughter]
Kathryn McGeorge   [A Daughter]
Alex Ross   [A Policeman]
Ben Vasquez   [A Pirate]
Michael Walraven   [A Policeman]

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