SK Kerastas Lois Tema

Sagittarius PonderosaReturn

Playwright MJ Kaufman Producer New Conservatory Theatre Center  [Website] Description Archer (still Angela to his family) returns home to the forests of eastern Oregon to care for his dying father. At night under the oldest Ponderosa Pine, he meets a stranger who knows the history of the forests. In this powerful and whimsical new play, what first appears expected expands to reveal the connections between the roots beneath our feet, the stars in the sky, and the mysteries of the human heart. Running Time 1:15 Performers SK Kerastas   [Archer]
Andy Collins   [Pops]
Janis DeLucia   [Mom]
Michaela Greeley   [Grandma]
Matthew Hannon   [Owen]
Creative Staff Ben Randle   [Director]
Christian Mejia   [Scenic Designer]
Miriam Lewis   [Costume Designer]
Anthony Powers   [Lighting Designer]
James Ard   [Sound Designer]
Dave Haaz-Baroque   [Puppet Designer]

NCTC: Walker Theatre

25 Van Ness Avenue Lower Lobby, San Francisco, CA 94102   Box Office:  (415) 861-4471 Seating:  Theatre (Standard) Capacity:  62 Parking:  None Amenities:  Full Bar, Snacks (Cold), Soft Drinks


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