Will Durst will perform ELECT TO LAUGH: 2016 Tuesdays at 8pm beginning March 15 and running through the Presidential election in November. Dan Dion

Elect to Laugh: 2016Return

Playwright Will Durst Producer Marsh, The  [Website] Description ELECT TO LAUGH with Will Durst and Friends is a hysterical hybrid chasing down the presidential election cycle like white on rice with material as up to date as the latest tweet from DC. It will blend monologues and commentary and perhaps the occasional rant. The show’s intent is to blur the traditional boundaries between stand-up comedy and theater. Through innovation, experimentation, and a ravenous appetite for accessing the topical via the jugular, Durst and Company are out to prove that jokes are not the enemy.

With descendants of Mark Twain, George Carlin, and Spalding Gray, Durst and his rotating cast of Friends will, every Tuesday, twist the rhythm of stand-up with poetry, punditry, and puzzles o’plenty, planting the production solidly in the strictures and structures of a deconstructed one-man show. Or solo performance piece. Whatever. With a single aim: to mock and scoff and taunt, but with taste. Consider it political comedy for people who don’t like politics.
Running Time 1:30 Performers Will Durst

Marsh - San Francisco

1062 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA 94110   Box Office:  (415) 282-3055


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