Playwright The Breadbox Producer The Breadbox  [Website] Description Fluff up your shoulder pads and unsheathe your daggers: MacBitch doth come. From the creative team behind last season’s critically-acclaimed and award-winning The Awakening comes a brand new Frankenplay sprung forth from Shakespeare’s Macbeth, sporting hints of Golding’s Lord of the Flies, and with totally sick aesthetics pillaged from your favorite cult films about high school hierarchies. Collaging classics with original text, MacBitch examines the formation of female identity around ambition and a prevailing culture of woman-on-woman violence through kitsch and cootie catchers. Running Time 1:30 Performers Lauren Hayes   [Maxine]
María Leigh   [Ladybird]
Mikka Bonel   [Third Witch]
Rebecca Hodges   [Seymour]
Carla Pauli   [Second Witch]
Roneet Rahamim   [Ainsley]
Neiry Rojo   [Brodie]
Cassie Rosenbrock   [Cameron]
Amitis Rossoukh   [Duncan]
Jessica Waldman   [First Witch]
Creative Staff Ariel Craft   [Director]
Randy Wong-Westbrooke   [Scenic Designer]
Brooke Jennings   [Costume Designer]
Amanda Ortmayer   [Lighting Designer]
Ryan Short   [Sound Designer]
Oren Stevens   [Adaptation / Translation]
Margery Fairchild   [Movement & Staging]
Jon Bailey   [Fight Choreographer]
Stephanie Dittbern   [Properties Designer]
Carlos Mendoza   [Special Visual Effects]
Production Staff Ellen Boener   [Assistant Director]
Allie Moss   [Dramaturg]
Michelle Chesley   [Stage Manager]

Exit Stage Left

156 Eddy St., San Francisco, CA 94102   Capacity:  49


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