This Land Was Made Ubuntu Theater Project

This Land Was MadeReturn

Playwright Tori Sampson Producer Ubuntu Theater Project  [Website] Description Oakland, 1967. In Miss Trish's bar, Marvin Gaye, The Supremes and The Chambers Brothers play while local 20-somethings work, study, fight, fall in love and dream of a different world. On the streets, the Black Panther Party is organizing armed patrols against police brutality. John Frey, an on-duty officer, will soon be shot and killed. Huey Newton, the co-founder of the Black Panthers, will be charged and stand trial for his murder.

Tori Sampson's electric new drama brings the African American community of 1960s Oakland richly to life, offering a provocative look at the events that made Huey P. Newton an American household name.
Running Time 2:00 Performers Nathalie Autumn Bennett   [Sassy]
Andrei Dolezal   [John Frey]
Evan Feist   [Herbert Heanes]
William Hartfield   [Huey Newton]
Champagne Hughes   [Gail]
Halili Knox   [Miss Trish]
Anthony Rollins-Mullens   [Mr. Far]
Leonard A. Thomas   [Drew/Gene]
Terrance White   [Troy]
Creative Staff William Hodgson   [Director]
Marcel Castanchoa   [Scenic Designer]
Marissa Parkes   [Costume Designer]
Stephanie Johnson   [Lighting Designer]
Barry Despenza   [Sound Designer]
Simon Trumble   [Properties Designer]
Production Staff Rolanda Bell   [Stage Manager]

Brooklyn Preserve

1433 12th Ave., Oakland, CA 94606   Box Office:  (510) 646-1126


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