The Yeomen of the Guard 2017 David Allen

The Yeomen of the GuardReturn

Composer Arthur Sullivan Librettist W.S. Gilbert Producer Lamplighters Music Theatre  [Website] Description Lamplighters Music Theatre present this dark comedy, the closest thing to grand opera in the Gilbert & Sullivan repertoire. Combining poignancy and tragedy with humor to an extent not seen in any other Gilbert libretto, and boasting some of Sullivan's finest work, Yeomen is considered the best of the canon by many G&S fans.

War hero Fairfax is to be executed on a false charge of "dealings with the devil", put forward by a villainous relative who stands to inherit his estate. Fairfax’s friend Sergeant Meryll and his daughter concoct a plan to smuggle him out disguised as the Sergeant's son, a newly appointed Yeoman. Meanwhile, Fairfax manages to marry the performer Elsie, who will inherit his estate and therefore thwart the scoundrel's plan. Add to the mix Elsie’s performing partner who is hopelessly in love with her, an incompetent jailer, and a crowd of bloodthirsty townsfolk ready for a good old-fashioned execution, and we are ensured a plot full of love triangles, twists and turns, intrigue, lies, and corruption.

“the ultimate operetta masterpiece” – San Francisco Classical Voice

This production is performed in 4 different venues.
8/4-6 at the Lesher Center in Walnut Creek;
8/12-3 at the Mountain View Performing Arts Center;
8/18-20 at Yerba Buena Center SF;
8/26-27 at the Bankhead Theater Livermore.
Running Time 2:45 Performers Jacob Botha   [Jack Point]
John Melis   [Wilfred Shadbolt]
Charles Martin   [Lieutenant Cholmondeley]
Deborah Rosengaus   [Dame Carruthers]
Creative Staff Jane Erwin Hammett   [Director]
Baker Peeples   [Music Director]
Peter Crompton   [Scenic Designer]
Brittany Mellerson   [Lighting Designer]

Various Venues

Various Locations, San Francisco, CA 90000   Box Office:  (415) 227-4797


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