BITCH SLAP, a high-camp melodrama of epic proportions with an absolutely hilarious cast! August 10-Septemebr 9 at SF Oasis. Art by John Hall

Bitch SlapReturn

Playwright D'Arcy Drollinger Producer Oasis  [Website] Description Adultery, blackmail, confessions, amnesia, nervous breakdowns, bigamy, adoptions, divorce, Kidnapped babies, evil twins, seduction, catfights & shoulder pads! D’Arcy Drollinger’s send-up of the 80’s television soap-opera and telenovela in this high-camp exploration of melodrama. With nods to Dynasty, Days of Our Lives, María la del Barrio, Jackie Collins and more, Bitch Slap centers around Diana Midnight, and her fashion empire, as she struggles to maintain power and desperately keep control of her prize possession…the patent for shoulder pads. Running Time 2:00 Performers D'Arcy Drollinger   [Diana Midnight]
Manny Caneri   [Skyler Schnacks]
Leigh Crow   [Ramona Midnight]
Chrissy Fields   [Savannah Barnes]
J. Conrad Frank   [Cassandra Saladas]
Nancy French   [Helen]
Steven LeMay   [Portia Midnight]
Sergio Lobito   [Caesar Saladas]
Matthew Martin   [Beverly Fontaine ]
Adam Roy   [Logan Saladas]
Jef Valentine   [Karen Sauceman]
Creative Staff D'Arcy Drollinger   [Director]
Sarah Phykitt   [Scenic Designer]
Jolie O'Dell   [Costume Designer]
Sophia Craven   [Lighting Designer]
Richard Neveu   [Video Designer]
John Ficarra   [Fight Choreographer]


298 11th St., San Francisco, CA 94103   Box Office:  (415) 246-5787


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