Blasted R. Black


Playwright Sarah Kane Producer Shotgun Players  [Website] Description A middle-aged man and younger woman meet at a hotel room. As public and private violations collide, their world shatters around them. Acknowledged as the most provocative and influential British playwright of her generation, Sarah Kane weaves an unforgettable story of destruction, chaos, and, ultimately, redemption and love.

When Blasted debuted in 1995, the production sparked outrage. Sarah Kane created characters living in a state of siege with a war mentality stripping away their humanity layer by layer. Ben Brantley of the NY Times writes: “For all their degradation and cruelty, her characters are complex, ambivalent and specifically, identifiably human. In this sense, Blasted is an extraordinary act of empathy, an imagining of how people could reach the point where they behave like participants in war crimes. Ms. Kane’s chilling contention is that it’s not such a stretch for any of us."

Blasted has a heavy use of graphic language, sexual violence, loud noises, strobing lights, and disturbing imagery. Audience members must be 18 or older to attend.
Running Time 1:30 Performers Joe Estlack   [Soldier]
Robert Parsons   [Ian]
Adrienne Walters   [Cate]
Creative Staff Jon Tracy   [Director]
Nina Ball   [Scenic Designer]
Miyuki Bierlein   [Costume Designer]
Heather Basarab   [Lighting Designer]
Matt Stines   [Sound Designer]
Dave Maier   [Other Creative Specialties]
Elena Wright   [Fight Choreographer]
Danielle Levin   [Dialect Coach]
Devon LaBelle   [Properties Designer]
Production Staff Mylene Quijano   [Production Staff]
Christina Larson   [Stage Manager]
Josh van Eyken   [Assistant Stage Manager]
Isaiah Leeper   [Master Electrician]
Brittany Mellerson   [Master Electrician]

Ashby Stage

1901 Ashby Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94703   Box Office:  (510) 841-6500


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