Hedda and Mammy journey through literary limbo. Kimberly Wadycki

The Further Adventures of Hedda GablerReturn

Playwright Jeff Whitty Producer Dragon Productions Theatre Company  [Website] Description This comedy picks up immediately after the events of the Ibsen classic. Hedda finds herself in fictional character purgatory with child-murdering Medea and Mammy (from Gone With the Wind). They set off to find The Furnace, the place from which all fictional characters are born, because Hedda is determined to break her cycle of dramatic suicide. Along the way they meet all kinds of fictional stereotypes and learn that with change comes sacrifice. Running Time 2:00 Performers Juanita Harris   [Mammy]
Caitlin Papp   [Hedda Gabler]
Damaris Divito   [The Woman in Pink and Others]
Janine Evans   [Their Neighbor and Others]
Josiah Frampton   [Eilert Loverborg and Others]
Troy Johnson   [George Tesman]
Tyler Pardini   [Steven and Others]
Daniel Zafer-Joyce   [Patrick and Others]
Creative Staff Charles McKeithan   [Scenic Designer]
Brooke Jennings   [Costume Designer]
Miranda Waldron   [Lighting Designer]
Ryan Short   [Sound Designer]
Beth Covey-Snedegar   [Properties Designer]
Production Staff Chrissy Schwanhausser   [Stage Manager]
Charles McKeithan   [Technical Director]

Dragon Theatre

2120 Broadway Street, Redwood City, CA 94063   Box Office:  (510) 493-$d X: 2006


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