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The SpeakeasyReturn

Playwright Bennett Fisher & Nick A. Olivero Producer Boxcar Theatre Description Step back in time to 1923 as 35 characters lead you on a “choose your own adventure” into the depths of the Prohibition Era. Song and dance, comedy and drama, casino-style gaming and killer cocktails are among the many delights you will encounter as you explore the secret passages and hidden rooms of The Palace Theater. Running Time 3:00 Performers Nick Dickson   [Leland]
Baily Hopkins   [Virginia]
Brian Martin   [Cliff]
Jessica Uher   [Vivian]
Violet Gluck   [Sarah]
David Kait   [Archie]
Kathleen McHatten   [Charlotte]
Joe Summa   [Mac]
Stephen Wilson   [Roland]
Creative Staff Bennett Fisher   [Creative Staff]
Michael French   [Director]
Ben Prince   [Music Director]
Elizabeth Etler   [Choreographer]
Geoffey Libby   [Scenic Designer]
Abra Berman   [Costume Designer]
Allen Willner   [Lighting Designer]
Allen Willner   [Lighting Designer]
Matt Stines   [Sound Designer]
Deborah Eliezer   [Movement & Staging]
Mark Kenney   [Fight Choreographer]
Kyle Nitchy   [Properties Designer]
Production Staff Douglas Briney   [Production Staff]
Dora Daniels   [Production Staff]
Leah Gardner   [Production Staff]
Jamie Harkin   [Production Staff]
Jamie Harkin   [Production Staff]
Stefani Pelletier   [Production Staff]
RayRay Riggin   [Production Staff]
Jared Williams   [Production Staff]
David Gluck   [Producer]
Dena Martinez   [Casting Director]
Zachary Kopciak   [Dramaturg]
Kayleigh Laymon   [Stage Manager]
Megan Sada   [Production Manager]
Dave Gardner   [Master Builder]
Rhea Adri   [Scenic Artist]
Lauren Sutton-Beattie   [Scenic Artist]
Monica Bowker   [Set Painter]
Mark Alovert   [Set Construction]
Kevin Sweetser   [Master Electrician]
Jackee Princeau   [Wardrobe Master]
Kaethe Carney   [Wardrobe Assistant]

The Palace Theater

Stockton and Broadway, San Francisco, CA   Box Office:  (415) 891-9744


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