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The Miracle WorkerReturn

Playwright William Gibson Source Author Helen Keller Source Title The Story of My Life Producer Tabard Theatre Company  [Website] Description This American classic provides us the opportunity to follow the impassioned journey of two remarkable women as they explore and embrace the choices before them. For 20- year-old Annie Sullivan it was to take or reject the assignment to tutor a blind, deaf, spoiled, and wild child. For Helen Keller the choice was to stay in her dark and silent world or embrace the opportunity to break open the world she knew.

The Miracle Worker reveals the power of commitment and strength when the choice is made to reach beyond the understandable and tangible. Annie Sullivan embarked on a journey that would change the life of her charge, Helen Keller, who would, in turn, change the lives of others for generations. This is their story. We all know the ending to this inspiring story, but it's watching the story unfold that will leave us all deeply encouraged and emboldened to embrace the choices life presents us each.
Running Time 2:00 Performers Samantha Goes   [Helen Keller]
Katie O'Bryon Champlin   [Annie Sullivan]
Rebecca Brownson   [Viney]
Christian Hosler   [James Keller]
Jerry Lloyd   [Captain Keller]
Heather Skelley   [Kate Keller]
Gwendolyne Wagner   [Aunt Ev]
Chloe Allen   [Martha/Beatrice]
Christian Nguyen-Duc   [Jimmie (voiceover)]
Jasmine Rumble   [Penny/Sarah]
Ruby Solomon   [Emma/Alice]
Creative Staff Leslie Lloyd   [Director]
Andrew Breithaupt   [Scenic Designer]
Judy Pincus   [Costume Designer]
Nick Nichols   [Lighting Designer]
John DiLoreto   [Sound Designer]
Katie O'Bryon Champlin   [Movement & Staging]
Dexter Fidler   [Fight Choreographer]
Al Rudolph   [Properties Designer]
Production Staff Cathy Spielberger Cassetta   [Producer]
Ben Hemmen   [Stage Manager]
Dena Acolatse   [Assistant Stage Manager]
Charlynn Knighton   [Production Manager]
Joe Cassetta   [Technical Director]
Andrew Breithaupt   [Scenic Artist]
Veronica Anderson   [Costume Assistant]
Esther Goes   [Costume Assistant]

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