Richard IIReturn

Playwright William Shakespeare Producer Birdbath Theatres  [Website] Description Birdbath Theatres proudly presents Richard II by William Shakespeare!

Richard II is a story of a young king who struggles with and indulges in the duties, pressures, and identity of being a divinely appointed leader. His progressiveness and authoritarian way he went about making modern changes, along with his lavish lifestyle, rubbed many of the noble class and peasantry the wrong way which contributed to his overthrow. The play focuses on the last two years of Richard’s life and reign.

Shakespeare’s play is not a strict or even accurate biography of the life of King Richard II, but in his words are timeless themes of how we relate to identity, morality, character, and how we relate to each other. It is in this timelessness where we set our play.

30 characters performed by 8 actors, entirely in verse.
Running Time 2:15 Performers Rob Garcia   [John of Gaunt]
David Abrams   [King Richard II]
Melanie Bandera-Hess   [Duke of York]
Andrew Byars   [Henry Percy]
Leon Goertzen   [Thomas Mowbray]
Jesse Lumb   [Duke of Aumerle]
Genevieve Schaad   [Lord Ross]
Winona Wagner   [Queen]
Creative Staff David Abrams   [Director]
Wyatt Dunkerly   [Costume Designer]
Production Staff Richard Squeri   [Assistant Director]
Almendra Benvenuto   [Stage Manager]

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921 C St. , San Rafael, CA 94901  


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