The Merchant of Venice Taylor Sanders

The Merchant of VeniceReturn

Playwright William Shakespeare Producer City Lights Theater Company  [Website] Description More than four centuries after it was first performed, Merchant remains one of the Bard’s most compelling, ambivalent and controversial plays. Poised somewhere between drama and comedy, it balances precariously on the edge where the light and dark of humanity meet, and reflects the emotional turmoil of Shakespeare’s time, aspects of which eerily suggest the troubles that roil America today. With some of the most famous speeches and scenes in the Shakespearean canon, the work still challenges and fascinates audiences. Running Time 2:15 Performers Jeffrey Bracco   [Antonio]
Brian Herndon   [Shylock]
Maria Marquis   [Portia]
George Psarras   [Bassanio]
Max Tachis   [Gratiano]
Tasi Alabastro   [Launcelot Gobbo]
Caitlin Papp   [Nerissa]
Roneet Rahamim   [Jessica ]
Jeremy Ryan   [Lorenzo]
Tom Gough   [ The Prince of Aragon, The Duke of Venice]
April Green   [Saleria]
Bezachin Jifar   [The Prince of Morocco, Tubal]
Nick Mandracchia   [Salanio]
Creative Staff Kit Wilder   [Director]
Ron Gasparinetti   [Scenic Designer]
Pat Tyler   [Costume Designer]
John Bernard   [Lighting Designer]
George Psarras   [Sound Designer]
Production Staff Erin Southard   [Assistant Director]
Joseph Hidde   [Stage Manager]
Charnnee' Young   [Assistant Stage Manager]
Ron Gasparinetti   [Production Manager]

City Lights Theater

529 South Second Street, San Jose, CA 95112   Box Office:  (408) 295-4200


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