Between US - Seven solo plays into two presentations in repertory. Cheshire Isaacs

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Playwright Noelle Viñas, James Tracy, Jon Tracy and Jeanne Sakata Producer TheatreFIRST  [Website] Description The personal is political in seven intimate portraits over two programs in repertory.

TheatreFIRST gives you BETWEEN US, seven solo plays split into two presentations in repertory. BETWEEN US invites you to meet a leader of the Delano Grape Strike, a woman attending her first protest, a voodoo queen, the Uruguayan woman who will fight her government to get justice for her murdered sister, a black woman contemplating the first MLK day, a US general who foils a coup on Roosevelt and one of the woman who led the redress movement for the over 100,000 Japanese Americans incarcerated during WWII.

DATES and TIMES for A & B:

PROGRAM A: (Approx 135 min, including 15 min. intermission)

2/15 Thurs (Preview) 8pm
2/17 Sat (Preview) 2pm
2/18 Sun (Opening Night) 2pm

2/23 Fri 8pm
2/24 Sat 8pm
2/25 Sun 8pm

3/1 Thurs 8pm
3/3 Sat 2pm
3/4 Sun 2pm

3/9 Fri 8pm
3/10 Sat (Closing) 8pm

PROGRAM B: (Approx 100 min., no intermission)

2/16 Fri (Preview) 8pm
2/17 Sat (Preview) 8pm
2/18 Sun (Opening Night) 7pm

2/22 Thurs 8pm
2/24 Sat 2pm
2/25 Sun 2pm

3/2 Fri 8pm
3/3 Sat 8pm
3/4 Sun 8pm

3/8 Thurs 8pm
3/10 Sat (Closing) 2pm
Running Time 1:40 Performers Virginia Blanco   [Tachi]
Heidi Kobara   [Aiko Herzig-Yoshinaga]
Aaron Murphy   [Smedley Butler]
Creative Staff Randy Westbrooke   [Scenic Designer]
Nikki Anderson-Joy   [Costume Designer]
Stephanie Anne Johnson   [Lighting Designer]
Kristoffer Barerra   [Sound Designer]
Randy Westbrooke   [Properties Designer]
Production Staff Jeffrey Lo   [Director | Anthology]
Robert Parsons   [Director | Anthology]
Noelle Vinas   [Director | Anthology]

Live Oak Theatre

1301 Shattuck Ave. , Berkeley, CA 94709   Box Office:  (510) 981-8150


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