Iron ShoesReturn

Playwright Michelle Carter Composer Janet Kutulas Lyricist Janet Kutulas Producer Shotgun Players  [Website] Description A contemporary, neo-feminist, folk opera brimming with humor, Iron Shoes transforms Eastern European fairy tales into a fantastical performance experience. A modern woman encounters three innocent girls, each suffering monstrous cruelties. She tries to understand their stories, but also tries to control their stories. It’s a real test to “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.” Especially when they’re made of iron. Running Time 2:00 Performers Angel Adedokun   [Second Girl]
Kelly Atkins   [Good Fairy and Ensemble, Kitka Member]
Caitlin Austin   [Third Girl, Kitka Member]
Kristine Barrett   [Baker and Ensemble, Kitka Member]
Briget Boyle   [Father and Ensemble, Kitka Member]
Shira Cion   [Witch and Ensemble, Kitka Member]
Melanie Elms   [Baker's Daughter and Ensemble]
Juliana Graffagna   [Bad Girl and Ensemble, Kitka Member]
Erolina Kamburova   [Apprentice]
Erin Mei-Ling Stuart   [Pig King and Ensemble]
Rowena Ritchie   [Falcon and Ensemble]
Travis Rowland   [Mothers of the Moon, Sun, and Wind, Ensemble]
Sharon Shao   [First Girl]
Michele Simon   [King and Ensemble, Kitka Member]
Beth Wilmurt   [Narrator]
Creative Staff Erika Chong Shuch   [Director]
Janet Kutulas   [Music Director]
Erika Chong Shuch   [Choreographer]
Sean Riley   [Scenic Designer]
Alina Bokovikova   [Costume Designer]
Allen Willner   [Lighting Designer]
Gregory Kuhn   [Sound Designer]
Janet Kutulas   [Composer - Original Song]
Devon LaBelle   [Properties Designer]
Production Staff Ai Ebashi   [Assistant Director]
Sarah Leonard   [Dramaturg]
Katie Basu   [Stage Manager]
Kieran Beccia   [Assistant Stage Manager]
Bayla Jaffe   [Assistant Stage Manager]
Aurelia Moulin   [Assistant Stage Manager]
Caitlin Steinmann   [Master Electrician]
Brooke Jennings   [Wardrobe Assistant]

Ashby Stage

1901 Ashby Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94703   Box Office:  (510) 841-6500


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