Ragged Wing Ensemble - A Different Long Stretch of Earth Serena Morelli

A Different Long Stretch of EarthReturn

Playwright Addie Ulrey Producer Ragged Wing Ensemble  [Website] Description The American cowboy. Hero or villain? Casanova or colonizer? Either way, his myth rides on. And in this rural Montana town, everyone must reckon with his long, stooped shadow. But Brucie has other plans. The resident 13-year-old with an appetite for apocalypse is throwing a birthday party. The theme: DOOMSDAY. Be there...or else.

A weekend workshop on Decolonizing Your Nonprofit...a woman who de-taxidermies buffalo heads...the difficulties of romancing a cowboy... A Different Long Stretch of Earth is a play about the American West, and how the mythologies and mindsets of our collective past shape our ability to envision the future.
Running Time 2:00 Performers Rachel Brown   [Marcia]
Keith Davis   [Steve]
Allison Fenner   [Merrill]
Akaina Ghosh   [Rose]
Mary Matabor   [Annette]
Emmy Pierce   [Brucie]
Ryan Takemiya   [Levi]
Creative Staff Amy Sass   [Director]
Deanna Zibello   [Scenic Designer]
Helen Frances   [Costume Designer]
Shawn Driggers   [Lighting Designer]
Jaren Feeley   [Sound Designer]
Katelyn Fitt   [Properties Designer]
Eric Bohr   [Puppet Designer]
Elizabeth Poock   [Puppet Designer]
Marlene Tobias   [Puppet Designer]
Production Staff Edward Liptzen   [Stage Manager]
Kenitra Love   [Assistant Stage Manager]
Leslie Price   [Production Manager]

The Flight Deck

1540 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94612   Box Office:  (510) 320-3370


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