Asif Khan in Love, Bombs & Apples Mila Sanders

Love, Bombs & ApplesReturn

Playwright Hassan Abdulrazzak Producer Golden Thread Productions  [Website] Description The critically-acclaimed production makes its U.S. debut after two sold-out runs in London! A Palestinian actor learns there’s more to English girls than pure sex appeal. A Pakistani-born terror suspect figures out what’s wrong with his first novel. A British youth suspects all is not what it seems with his object of desire. A New Yorker asks his girlfriend for a sexual favor at the worst possible time. Love, Bombs & Apples is the comic tale of four men, each from different parts of the globe, all experiencing a moment of revelation. Running Time 1:15 Performers Asif Khan   [Actor] Creative Staff Rosamunde Hutt   [Director]
Mila Sanders   [Scenic Designer]
Mila Sanders   [Costume Designer]
James Hesford   [Sound Designer]

Potrero Stage

1695 18th Street, San Francisco, CA 94107   Box Office:  (415) 626-4061


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