All the Shah's MenReturn

Playwright Matthew Spangler Source Author Stephen Kinzer Source Title All the Shah's Men Producer Arabian Shakespeare Festival  [Website] Description A world premier play by Matthew Spangler based Stephen Kinzer's award winning book. Directed by Vickie Rozell this play tells the story of the US led overthrow of the prime minister of Iran in the 1950's. This event directly led to the events of the hit movie ARGO. Running Time 2:00 Performers Farshad Farahat   [Mustapha, others]
Christian Haines   [Kermit Roosevelt]
Ken Boswell   [Smith, Cochran, Henderson and others]
William Brown III   [Roger]
Annamarie MacLeod   [Anne Lambton and others]
Creative Staff Vickie Rozell   [Director]
Malcolm Rodgers   [Scenic Designer]
Lisa Claybaugh   [Costume Designer]
Joanna Hobbs   [Lighting Designer]
William Brown III   [Sound Designer]

Royce Gallery

2901 Mariposa St., San Francisco, CA 94110   Box Office:  (408) 499-17


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