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Don Reed's Can You Dig It? The 60sReturn

Playwright Don Reed Producer Marsh, The  [Website] Description “It’s a bittersweet tale that’s also flat-out hilarious, as much for Reed’s deft comic delivery as for the unforgettable misadventures he describes.” — KQED

“Reed’s one-man show at the San Francisco Marsh is simply the best I’ve seen all year and then some.” –Starkinsider

“…an electrifying performer.” –KQED

“Can You Dig It? works so well because it comes with an enormous heart, humble curiosity, and the comic sense to note when someone is taking himself too seriously.” –Starkinsider

Show Description
Hot on the heels of the hilarious and critically acclaimed East 14th and The Kipling Hotel, Don Reed returns with the next installment of his wonderfully wild and awkward autobiographical journey. Can You Dig It? The 60s Back Down East 14th, rewinds to the 60s –a prequel-plus-going back to young Don’s formative”Stand By Me” years in Oakland grammar school when the family was “whole.” Before his father became a pimp–before his mother reluctantly became a Jehvah’s Witness–a lot of wonderful, scary, amazing, unnecessary, cool, moving, unbelievably true stories unfolded. From the Beatles to the Black panthers, James Brown to the Jerk, MLK to JFK to KKK–come and see the 60s through the blinking eyes of an awkward kid who’s just trying to fit in.
Running Time 1:30 Performers Don Reed Creative Staff Don Reed   [Director]

Marsh - San Francisco

1062 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA 94110   Box Office:  (415) 282-3055


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