Me And My GirlReturn

Composer Noel Gay Lyricist L. Arthur Rose & Douglas Furber, Revised by Stephen Fry with Contributions by Mike Ockrent Librettist L. Arthur Rose & Douglas Furber, Revised by Stephen Fry with Contributions by Mike Ockrent Producer 42nd Street Moon  [Website] Description At once both sidesplittingly funny and charmingly romantic, ME AND MY GIRL was a major hit on the West End in 1937, but was largely unknown in the United States until a Broadway production in 1986, where it also became a major success. This fish-out-of-water comedy is the story of a roustabout Cockney lad who learns he’s actually an Earl and must try to adjust to his new upper-class life. Several of the songs from the show became major hits of the day, including “Leaning On a Lamppost,” “The Lambeth Walk” and the title song. Running Time 2:15 Performers Keith Pinto   [Bill Snibson]
Daniel Thomas   [The Hon. Gerald Bolingbroke]
Melissa WolfKlain   [Sally Smith]
Elise Youssef   [Lady Jaqueline Carstone]
Michael Austin   [Parchester/Ensemble]
Milissa Carey   [Maria, Duchess of Dene]
Michael Gaffney   [Sir John Tremayne]
Scott Hayes   [Sir Jasper Tring]
Lee Ann Payne   [Mrs. Brown/Ensemble]
Colin Thomson   [Heathersett/Ensemble]
Nicole Helfer   [Pearly Queen/Ensemble]
Andrew Mondello   [Bob Barking/Ensemble]
Brittney Monroe   [May Miles/Ensemble]
Nicholas Yenson   [Pearly King/Ensemble]
Nicholas Yenson   [Pearly King/Ensemble]
Creative Staff Cooper Mindy   [Director]
Dave Dobrusky   [Music Director]
Cooper Mindy   [Choreographer]
Brian Watson   [Scenic Designer]
Liz Martin   [Costume Designer]
Dave Lam   [Lighting Designer]
Production Staff Alicia Lerner   [Stage Manager]
Lauren Howry   [Assistant Stage Manager]

The Gateway Theatre

215 Jackson Street, San Francisco, CA 94111   Box Office:  (415) 255-8207 Seating:  Stadium Parking:  Valet Amenities:  Dinner, Snacks (Cold)


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