God of Carnage City Lights

God of Carnage Return

Playwright Yasmina Reza Producer City Lights Theater Company  [Website] Description In a stylish Brooklyn apartment, two sets of parents meet for a talk about a playground fight between their children. The tulips are flawlessly arranged and the art books perfectly stacked, but it doesn’t take long for the gloves to come off. As espresso gives way to rum and diplomacy to brutal honesty, the upper-middle-class couples find that deep down, we’re all controlled by our gut reactions. This sharp comedy won the 2009 Tony Award for Best Play. Running Time 1:20 Performers Erik Gandolfi   [Alan]
April Green   [Annette]
Karyn Rondeau-Harline   [Veronica]
Avondina Wills   [Michael ]
Creative Staff Virginia Drake   [Director]
Ron Gasparinetti   [Scenic Designer]
Amy Zsadanyi-Yale   [Costume Designer]
Mary Baronitis   [Lighting Designer]
George Psarras   [Sound Designer]
Ron Gasparinetti   [Other Creative Specialties]
Joseph Hidde   [Other Creative Specialties]
Ting Na Wang   [Other Creative Specialties]
Amy Zsadanyi-Yale   [Other Creative Specialties]
Ting Na Wang   [Properties Designer]
Production Staff Joseph Hidde   [Stage Manager]
Ron Gasparinetti   [Production Manager]

City Lights Theater

529 South Second Street, San Jose, CA 95112   Box Office:  (408) 295-4200


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