Betsy Kruse Craig as Hedda Gabler Michael Craig / Pear Theatre

Hedda GablerReturn

Playwright Henrick Ibsen Producer Pear Theatre  [Website] Description Stuck in a loveless marriage, bored, possibly pregnant, and facing financial constraints
from her new husband, Hedda manipulates the people around her to try to improve
her situation, but only brings herself more tragedy. Was Hedda a spoiled woman,
toying with lives out of boredom and selfishness? Or a woman desperate for love and
autonomy, trapped in a society that allowed her neither? A powerful personality
incompatible with the social conventions of her time, Ibsen's inscrutable 'antiheroine'
has intrigued (and enraged) audiences for almost 130 years.
Running Time 2:15 Performers Damaris Divito   [Thea Elvsted]
Troy Johnson   [George Tesman]
Betsy Kruse Craig   [Hedda Gabler]
Michael Champlin   [Eilert Lovburg]
Celia Maurice   [Juliana Tesman]
Gretta Stimson   [Berte]
Ron Talbot   [Judge Brack]
Creative Staff Ting Na Wang   [Scenic Designer]
Melissa Sanchez   [Costume Designer]
Valerie Clear   [Lighting Designer]
Production Staff Rachel Bratt   [Stage Manager]

Pear Theatre

1110 La Avenida Unit K, Mountain View, CA 94043   Box Office:  (650) 254-1148


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