The Great God PanReturn

Playwright Amy Herzog Producer Cinnabar Theater  [Website] Description The Great God Pan takes a deep look into the inner conflicts of its central character Jaime, including a haunting and possibly disturbing past. Jamie’s life in Brooklyn seems just fine: a beautiful girlfriend, a budding journalism career and parents who live just far enough away. But when his friend Frank, whom he hasn’t seen in 25 years, comes back into his life and brings up a childhood trauma, lives are thrown into a tailspin. Unsettling and deeply compassionate, The Great God Pan tells the intimate tale of what is lost and won when a hidden truth is revealed to the world.
“The Great God Pan is a play about memory and loss…What does what we do and don’t remember have to do with who we are? Sorting through fragments of his early memories, not knowing how to read their significance or which ones provide the key to his current crisis, is Jamie’s work in this play,” said Herzog.

Directed by Taylor Korobow with cast members Aaron Wilton, Nick Sholley, Susan Gundunas, Richard Pallaziol, Kate Brickley, Rose Roberts and Taylor Diffenderfer.
Running Time 1:30 Performers Taylor Diffenderfer   [Joelle]
Aaron Wilton   [Jamie]
Kate Brickley   [Polly]
Susan Gundunas   [Cathy]
Richard Pallaziol   [Doug]
Nick Sholley   [Frank]
Carly Van Liere   [Joelle]

Cinnabar Theater

3333 Petaluma Boulevard North, Petaluma, CA 94952   Box Office:  (415) 517-7307


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