We Swim, We Talk, We Go to WarReturn

Playwright Mona Mansour Producer Golden Thread Productions  [Website] Description While trying to navigate the currents of the Pacific, an Arab-American woman and her nephew, who has enlisted in the military, dive into the murky waters of family, identity, and politics. Adventurous and playful, WE SWIM takes the form of a literal conversation on stage, and expands into a nuanced dialogue about what it means to be American, Arab, and Arab-American at our current moment in time. Running Time 1:20 Performers Joshua Chessin-Yudin   [He]
Sarah Nina Hayon   [She]
Tre'Vonne Bell   [The American]
Adam El-Sharkawi   [The Arab]
Creative Staff Evren Odcikin   [Director]
Kate Boyd   [Scenic Designer]
Michelle Mulholland   [Costume Designer]
Cassie Barnes   [Lighting Designer]
Sara Huddleston   [Sound Designer]
Mona Kasra   [Projections Designer]
Slater Penney   [Movement & Staging]
Carla Pantoja   [Fight Choreographer]

Potrero Stage

1695 18th Street, San Francisco, CA 94107   Box Office:  (415) 626-4061


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