Snow White and the Seven DwarfsReturn

Producer Children's Theatre Association of San Francisco  [Website] Description Once upon a time, there were three sisters who were given the chance to choose their destiny by picking their heart's desire. One chose to have magical powers, and one chose to have power to be the most beautiful Queen in the world. The third chose to raise a family and had a beautiful daughter named Snow White. Snow White had to go live with the Queen who was incredibly jealous of her beauty and her good heart. So she treated Snow White very badly indeed. Come see the Magical Mirror who can only tell the truth if you speak to her in rhyme! And the seven miners and other characters who help Snow White on her journey to find true love. This story teaches us that beauty is skin deep; it is the beauty inside of you that truly makes you special. And also to remember that every deed that you do reflects on you! Running Time 1:00 Performers Stephanie Ahlberg   [Witch Wicked]
Diane Blackman   [Queen]
Peggy Haas   [Sir Pompous]
Laura Klapper   [Sir Pompous]
Ginnie Menezes   [Queen]
D'Arcy Owens   [Mirror]
Hiedeh Saghi   [Snow White]
Karen Saghi   [Witch Wicked]
Shelli Semler   [Snow White]
Allison Yates   [Mirror]
Creative Staff Bill Starr   [Director]
Bill Keck   [Music Director]
Jane Foster   [Scenic Designer]
Sheila Nichols   [Scenic Designer]
Judy Gray   [Costume Designer]
Carson Duper   [Lighting Designer]
Betsy Jaques   [Properties Designer]

Cowell Theater

Fort Mason Center, Bldg. A , San Francisco, CA 94123   Box Office:  (415) 248-2677


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