Lobster, ActuallyReturn

Playwright Karl Keily, Allison Page, Sam Bertken, John Kimbrough Evans, Ty & Gina Bardi, Dominique Gelin, Molly Sanchez, Meg Trowbridge Producer Killing My Lobster  [Website] Description This holiday season, laugh, cry, eat some peppermint bark, and laugh some more with Killing My Lobster. Bring your husband and his best friend who's in love with you, and remember, Lobsters Actually are all around. Running Time 1:00 Performers Alsa Bruno   [Various]
Elaine Gavin   [Various]
Maro Guevara   [Various]
Max Maliga    [Various]
Jenny Nelson   [Various]
Alissa Sanchez   [Various]
Creative Staff Kate Elston   [Director]
Rory Davis   [Choreographer]
Heather Pierce Musco    [Vocal Coach/Director]
Production Staff Allison Page   [Producer]
Emma McCool   [Stage Manager]


144 Taylor St., San Francisco, CA 94102  


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