The Do's and Don'ts of Time Travel Marisa Darabi

The Do's and Don'ts of Time TravelReturn

Playwright Nicholas Wardigo Producer Quantum Dragon Theatre  [Website] Description Zoey is a time traveler, reliving the same two years of her life over and over again— the two years leading up to her girlfriend Claire's death. But in a universe of endless possibilities, it’s impossible to have the same relationship twice… even if all the players are the same. Will Zoey be able to change the past? Does she even really want to? And can she somehow stop running into herself along the way? The Do's and Don'ts of Time Travel is a queer time travel romance in one act.

Every performance, Miranda Reilly and Kitty Torres will trade roles, each playing a Zoey from a different timeline. Additionally, we are pleased to present four brand-new sci-fi shorts in collaboration with Shotz SF, one of which will play before each showing of The Dos’s and Don’ts of Time Travel.
Running Time 1:10 Performers Marisa Darabi   [Rachel]
Caitlin Evenson   [Claire]
Miranda Reilly   [Zoey]
Kitty Torres   [Zoey]
Creative Staff Anna Smith   [Director]
Katie Whitcraft   [Scenic Designer]
Emily Dwyer   [Costume Designer]
Sara Saavedra   [Lighting Designer]
Michael Kelly   [Sound Designer]
Jacqueline Dennis   [Wig Designer]
Arashi Cesana   [Properties Designer]
Production Staff Arashi Cesana   [Stage Manager]

Phoenix Theatre

414 Mason St. 6th Fl., San Francisco, CA 94102   Box Office:  (510) 969-6499


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