Playwright Wiliam Shakespeare Producer Dragon Productions Theatre Company  [Website] Description Witches. Prophesies. King. Queen. Love. Murder. You know the story, but you've never seen a production quite like this. Performed by a cast of eight, William Shakespeare's tragic tale of all-powerful ambition and consuming conscience takes on an entirely new life, focusing not only on WHAT propels us through life, but WHO. When power, family, and fate all intertwine, what choices do we make? And are those choices really up to us? Macbeth comes to the Dragon stage in Spring 2019 to show us all why this story remains utterly timeless and painfully relevant. Part of the 2nd Stages Series. Running Time 2:00 Performers Tasi Alabastro   [Macbeth]
Jonathan Covey   [Malcolm et al.]
Maya Greenberg   [Banquo et al.]
Sarah Haas   [Ross et al.]
Troy Johnson   [The Porter et al.]
Maria Marquis   [ Lady Macbeth]
Roneet Rahamim   [Lady Macduff et al.]
Max Tachis   [Lord Macduff et al.]
Creative Staff Roneet Rahamim   [Director]
Max Tachis   [Director]
Dylan Elhai   [Lighting Designer]
Production Staff Rachel Nin   [Stage Manager]
Karl Haller   [Technical Director]

Dragon Theatre

2120 Broadway Street, Redwood City, CA 94063   Box Office:  (510) 493-$d X: 2006


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