Playwright Sarah Ruhl Producer City Lights Theater Company  [Website] Description The myth has been told and retold for centuries. Grief-stricken Orpheus travels to the underworld, where he learns he can rescue his wife, Eurydice—if he doesn’t look back on the way up. Now, we see the story through Eurydice’s eyes. City Lights’ innovative new production combines Sarah Ruhl’s strikingly fresh script with the beauty of American Sign Language, reflecting the characters’ efforts to communicate across worlds. A lush and moving tale about life, love and the enduring strength of memory. Running Time 1:30 Performers Robert Campbell   [Orpheus]
Leah Cohen   [Eurydice (American Sign Language)]
Stephanie Foisy   [Orpheus (American Sign Language)]
Brian Herndon   [Father]
Lauren Rhodes   [Eurydice ]
Spencer Stevenson   [Father (American Sign Language) ]
Erik Gandolfi   [A Nasty Interesting Man/ Lord of the Underworld]
Dane Lentz   [A Nasty Interesting Man/ Lord of the Underworld (American Sign Language) ]
April Bennett   [Big Stone]
Jennifer Bradford   [Little Stone]
Keenan Flagg   [Loud Stone]
Stephanie Foisy   [Loud Stone (American Sign Language)]
Dane Lentz   [Big Stone (American Sign Language) ]
Spencer Stevenson   [Little Stone (American Sign Language) ]
Creative Staff Lisa Mallette   [Director]
Noelle Gibbs   [Choreographer]
Ron Gasparinetti   [Scenic Designer]
Pat Tyler   [Costume Designer]
John Bernard    [Lighting Designer]
George Psarras   [Sound Designer]
George Psarras   [Composer - Original Song]
Christina Sturken   [Properties Designer]
Production Staff Noelle Gibbs   [Assistant Director]
Joseph Hidde   [Stage Manager]
Ron Gasparinetti   [Production Manager]

City Lights Theater

529 South Second Street, San Jose, CA 95112   Box Office:  (408) 295-4200


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