(l to r) Victor D. Ragsdale (as Clarence Matthews) and Caleb Cabrera (as Christofer Rodriguez) suit up for battle (or college interviews), in the West Coast Premiere of Lucy Thurber’s TRANSFERS, running February 28 – March 23, 2019. Adam Tolbert


Playwright Lucy Thurber Producer Crowded Fire Theater Company  [Website] Description Miles away from the South Bronx where they grew up, two students unexpectedly rediscover each other on the eve of an interview that will determine their entire future. Each are looking to transfer to a prestigious northeast college, on the scholastic and athletic merits that the school has placed on them and deemed worthy. As they prepare to bare their souls and show the faculty what they think they want, Cristofer and Clarence have to decide whether to stick to their personal integrity or choose what they are willing to fake in order to call this beautiful brick-and-ivy bastion of privilege home. A brilliantly written, gut-punch of a play by Lucy Thurber, TRANSFERS strips the veneer off of meritocracy and asks us if we are willing to sacrifice ourselves to embrace a way out. Running Time 1:45 Performers Caleb Cabrera   [Christofer Rodriguez]
David Moore   [David DeSantos]
Victor Ragsdale   [Clarence Matthews]
Michael Rice   [Geoffrey Dean]
Alison Whismore   [Rosie McNulty]
Creative Staff Ken Savage   [Director]
Kate Boyd   [Scenic Designer]
Jackquelin Pedota   [Costume Designer]
Chris Lundahl   [Lighting Designer]
Madeleine Oldham   [Sound Designer]
Marykerin Naughton   [Properties Designer]
Production Staff Ely Orquiza   [Assistant Director]
Leigh Rondon-Davis   [Dramaturg]
Rachel Mogan   [Stage Manager]
Stephanie Henderson   [Production Manager]

Potrero Stage

1695 18th Street, San Francisco, CA 94107   Box Office:  (415) 523-$d X: 34


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