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Playwright Amy Sass Composer Laura Inserra Producer Ragged Wing Ensemble  [Website] Description Time Sensitive is an original play by Artistic Director Amy Sass that combines clockwork choreography, rhythmic fugue and melting ice into a fantastical tale that urgently asks: How do we hold a moment if we constantly crave the next big thing?

The City swallowed the world. It ate the day and the night, the tides and the seasons. A woman speeds up her pregnancy to meet a deadline, The Asshole At The Top finally comes down, and an old man invents a Clockwork Kid that can change everything.

Originally created in workshop with Ragged Wing Ensemble 5 years ago, our 2019 production will feature an updated script and cast as well as a deep collaboration with Climate Artist Carter Brooks and his ice-art and an environmental scenic design by OSA Chair of Production Jean-Francois Revon.
Running Time 1:30 Performers Simone Bloch   [ClockMaker]
Rachel Brown   [Penny]
Keith Davis   [Kid]
Akaina Ghosh   [Tilly]
Akaina Ghosh   [Tilly]
Aicia Piemme-Nelson   [Roach]
Emmy Pierce   [Nick]
Alex Trono   [Bill]
Jordan Don   [ Guardian, Ice Monk, Clocks, City, Employees]
Perry Fenton   [Ice Monk, Clocks, City, Employees]
Mary Matabor   [Meter, Ice Monk, Clocks, City, Employees]
Kaylamay Suarez   [Consecutive Executive, City, Ice Monks, Clocks]
Joshua Waterstone   [Ice Monk, Clocks, City, Employees]
Creative Staff Amy Sass   [Creative Staff]
Amy Sass   [Director]
Jaren Feeley   [Music Director]
Jean-Francois Revon   [Scenic Designer]
Lauren Tannous   [Costume Designer]
William Campbell   [Lighting Designer]
Carter Brooks   [Other Creative Specialties]
Laura Inserra   [Composer - Play Score]
Lauren Tannous   [Properties Designer]
Production Staff Keith Davis   [Assistant Director]
Edward Liptzen   [Stage Manager]
Asha Sundararaman   [Assistant Stage Manager]
Joshua Waterstone   [Production Manager]
Jean-Francois Revon   [Technical Director]
Stephanie Lapides   [Light Board Operator]

The Flight Deck

1540 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94612   Box Office:  (510) 320-3370


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