Big, the MusicalReturn

Playwright John Weidman Composer David Shire Lyricist Richard Maltby Source Author Gary Ross & Anne Spielberg Source Title Big Producer Berkeley Playhouse  [Website] Description The classic ’80s comedy is now a heartfelt musical fantasy. Josh Baskin is 12 years old. He wishes that his mom would stop hugging him in public, that he didn’t have to take out the garbage, and that Cynthia Benson, the girl next door, would notice him.

When she passes him over for an older boy, Josh makes a wish to be big—and wakes up the next morning in the body of a 30-year-old man! Driven from his home, Josh must navigate the unknown world of adults—jobs, girlfriends, and fancy foods—as he and his best friend seek out a way to undo the spell that caused him to grow.

Filled with Zoltar machines, floor pianos, and a dazzling, pop-filled score, Big, The Musical reminds us that there’s always room to be a child at heart, and that maturity comes in all sizes.

Running Time 2:20 Performers Mario Herrera   [Billy Kopecki]
Adam Niemann   [Josh Baskin]
Alison Quin   [Susan Lawrence]
David Rukin   [Billy Kopecki]
Jonah Horowitz   [Young Josh Baskin]
Joe Krenn   [Young Josh Baskin]
Lexie Lazear   [Mrs. Baskin]
Dan Saski   [Paul Seymour]
DC Scarpelli   [George MacMillan]
Joseph Alvarado   [Rick Birnbaum, Arcade Mngr, Salesperson, Jr Exec]
Peter Budinger   [Mr. Baskin, Tom, Zoltar, Jr Exec, Customer]
Danielle Cheiken   [Detective, Bean Bag Lady, Receptionist, Jr. Exec]
Matt Hammons   [Ron Barrett, Ticket Taker, Jr Exec, Customer]
Javi Harnley   [Arthur Lipton, Jr Exec, Customer]
Kelty Morash   [Abigail, Lunatic, Salesperson, Jr Exec]
R Newton   [Mr. Kopecki, Nick, Panhandler, Jr Exec, Customer]
Briel Pomerantz   [Miss Watson, Salesperson]
Eiko Yamamoto   [Mrs. Kopecki, Diane, Jr Exec, Customer]
Creative Staff Ryan Weible   [Director]
Rachel Robinson   [Music Director]
Staci Arriaga   [Choreographer]
Mark Mendelson   [Scenic Designer]
Liz Whitaker   [Costume Designer]
Brandi Pick   [Lighting Designer]
Lyle Barrere   [Sound Designer]
Lexie Lazear   [Makeup Designer]
Lexie Lazear   [Wig Designer]
Kate Fitt   [Properties Designer]

Julia Morgan Theatre

2640 College Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94704   Box Office:  (510) 845-$d X: 8542


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