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Playwright Aaron Posner Producer Custom Made Theatre Co.  [Website] Description In this brash reworking of Chekhov’s "Uncle Vanya", a group of old friends, ex-lovers, estranged in-laws and lifelong enemies gather to grapple with life’s thorniest questions — and each other. What could possibly go wrong? Incurably lustful and lonely, hapless and hopeful, these seven souls collide and stumble their way towards a new understanding that, well, Life Sucks. Or does it? Posner’s follow-up to his hugely successful Stupid F*cking Bird is part Mel Brooks and part Chekhov: lowbrow, dirty, passionate and unexpectedly tender. Running Time 2:00 Performers Gabriel Montoya   [Aster]
Kimberly Powers   [Sonia]
Evan Sokol   [Vanya]
Emily Stone   [Ella]
Linda Ayres-Frederick   [Babs]
Dave Sikula   [Professor]
Brittany Sims   [Pickles]
Creative Staff Brian Katz   [Director]
Daniel Bilodeau   [Scenic Designer]
Rachael Heiman   [Costume Designer]
Tina Johnson   [Lighting Designer]
Bruce Vieira   [Sound Designer]
Tom O'Brien   [Properties Designer]

Custom Made Theatre

533 Sutter, San Francisco, CA 94102   Box Office:  (415) 798-2682


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