Katie Smalls (Chelsea Bearce), an ex-patriot American actress, is living in London. When 5 of her fellow actresses fall victim to the Battersea Butcher, she vows to find and dispatch the killer. Is Jack the Ripper at it again? Jim Norrena

The Victorian Ladies' Detective Collective: a cheeky thrillerReturn

Playwright Patricia Milton Producer Central Works  [Website] Description Is Jack the Ripper at it again?

Victorian London: Two sisters run a boarding house for Single Ladies. When a series of gruesome murders terrorizes their neighborhood, Loveday and Valeria appeal to the police for protection. But Scotland Yard is no help at all. And the bodies are piling up on their doorstep. So the sisters team up with a cheeky American actress to bring the killer to justice.

From the writer of last season’s TBA award-winning comedy, Bamboozled!
Running Time 1:45 Performers Chelsea Bearce   [Katie]
Stacy Ross   [Loveday]
Jan Zvaifler   [Valeria]
Alan Coyne   [Henry/Jasper/Toddy]
Creative Staff Gary Graves   [Director]
Jan Zvaifler   [Director]
Marcella Rodgers   [Choreographer]
Tammy Berlin   [Costume Designer]
Gary Graves   [Lighting Designer]
Gregory Scharpen   [Sound Designer]
Bethany Deal   [Wig Designer]
Debbie Shelley   [Properties Designer]

Berkeley City Club

2315 Durant Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94704   Box Office:  (510) 558-1381


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