Playwright Marisa Wegrzyn Producer Dragon Productions Theatre Company  [Website] Description What if we all had a literal internal clock that counted down to our time of death? This is the premise of Hickorydickory. Cari Lee’s mortal clock was tinkered with, so she’s stuck at age 17 for eternity. Now she’s the same age as her daughter, Dale, whose time may be literally running out. Hickorydickory is a funny, heartbreaking story about family, and mortality, and sacrifice. Part of the Main Stage Series. Running Time 3:00 Performers Allie Bailey   [Kate/Helen]
Sarah Haas   [Cari Lee]
Troy Johnson   [Jimmy/Richard]
Jonathan Covey   [Rowen/Young Jimmy]
Zoey Lytle   [Dale/Young Kate]
Creative Staff Kimberly Ridgeway   [Director]
Thomas Shamrell   [Scenic Designer]
Kathleen Qiu   [Costume Designer]
Nathanael Card   [Lighting Designer]
Lana Palmer   [Sound Designer]
Kate Martin   [Properties Designer]
Miranda Whipple   [Properties Designer]
Production Staff Maya Burich   [Assistant Stage Manager]
Karl Haller   [Technical Director]

Dragon Theatre

2120 Broadway Street, Redwood City, CA 94063   Box Office:  (510) 493-$d X: 2006


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