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Playwright Tirumari Jothi, Alvin Adrian Lee, Jay Nargundkar, Victoria Nguyen, Henrietta Nofre, Nori Reed Producer Killing My Lobster  [Website] Description Venue for September 26-28:
PianoFight, San Francisco

Venue for October 4 & 5:
Dragon Theater, Redwood City

Scarlett Johansson. Emma Stone. Mickey Rooney. Legends that will go down in Asian American history... but not if we have anything to say about it. KML's first all-Asian sketch comedy show dives headlong into the hilarious world of bigotry and stereotypes. Come for the jokes. Stay to get woke.
Running Time 1:00 Performers Tasi Alabastro   [Various]
Andrew Chung   [Various]
Imran G.   [Various]
Byron Guo   [Various]
Marisa Hankins   [Various]
Isabel To   [Various]
Creative Staff Phil Wong   [Director]
Catherine Liu   [Choreographer]
Phil Wong   [Vocal Coach/Director]
Production Staff Allison Page   [Producer]
Sigrid Yang   [Stage Manager]

Various Venues

Various Locations, San Francisco, CA 94103  


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