Sukurooji (Ryan Marchand) and The Ghost of Christmas Present (Kate Patrick) Shannon Davis

A Noh Christmas CarolReturn

Playwright Yuriko Doi and Cienna Stewart Composer Zhoushu Ziporyn Source Author Charles Dickens Source Title A Christmas Carol Producer Theatre of Yugen  [Website] Description The reimagined story in Meiji era Japan is told using a combination of noh, kyogen, kabuki, and butoh, bringing this classic story to life in a fashion like no other production does.
Ebezo Sukurooji [Ebenezer Scrooge] receives a visit from his deceased business partner Jakube Mashima [Jacob Marley] warning him to change his miserly ways or be doomed to linger forever as a hungry ghost. The miraculous intervention of the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Yet-To-Come take Sukurooji on a wondrous journey through life and time in a profound attempt to remind him of the value of life beyond business and profit.
Running Time 1:30 Performers Ryan Marchand   [Sukurooji]
Roy Eikleberry   [The Men]
Meryn MacDougall   [Ghost of Christmas Past and Ghost of Christmas Future]
Mika Oskarson-Kindstrand   [The Women]
Kate Patrick   [Mashima Jakubei and Ghost of Christmas Present]
Creative Staff Miwa Kaneko   [Director]
Joshua McDermott   [Scenic Designer]
Liz Brent   [Costume Designer]
Cassie Barnes   [Lighting Designer]
Ella Cooley   [Sound Designer]
Zhoushu Ziporyn   [Composer - Play Score]


2840 Mariposa St. , San Francisco, CA 94110   Box Office:  (415) 621-507


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