Playwright Geetha Reddy Source Title The Mahābhārata Producer Ubuntu Theater Project  [Website] Description The Mahābhārata is the great Indian epic. Dating from around 800 BCE, with 100,000 verses and a cast of thousands, it is told anew to each generation of Indian children in a version that speaks to the time in which they are living.

Often, tales of triumphant warriors emerge. But what of the tantalizing histories woven among the battles? What of the boundaries broken, the pathways blazed? And what does India’s ancient epic have to say to Americans of Indian descent?

Playwright Geetha Reddy (Far, Far Better Things) offers a bold new retelling of the ancient text, featuring Ubuntu Company Member J Jha (Pool of Unknown Wonders; Hamlet; Down Here Below) in a one-person excavation that explores the epic for a new generation.

This fresh World Premiere examines the nature of conflict, betrayal, and victory through a contemporary lens—but what will the Aunties say?

Will-Call and entrance to the theater are located on the 15th Street side of the building in the FLAX parking lot; patrons are welcome to park in the lot and additional parking is available on neighboring streets. Please please give yourself extra time to arrive and find a spot, as late seating is discouraged.
Running Time 1:30 Performers J Jha   [Itahasavid] Creative Staff Michael Moran   [Director]
Anjali Berger   [Choreographer]
Karla Hargrave   [Scenic Designer]
Regina Evans   [Costume Designer]
Stephanie Anne Johnson   [Lighting Designer]
Uriah Findley   [Sound Designer]
Geetha Reddy   [Adaptation / Translation]
Production Staff Jean Cary   [Assistant Director]

The FLAX Building

1501 Martin Luther King Jr Way, Oakland, CA 94612   Box Office:  (510) 646-1126


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