An Invitation Out Marisa Darabi

An Invitation OutReturn

Playwright Shualee Cook Producer Quantum Dragon Theatre  [Website] Description Like most successful young men in the somewhat distant future, Wridget has lived his entire life completely online, designing high-end custom avatars and throwing lavish parties in a Neo-Victorian world of his own devising. But when a mysterious Outdweller logs on to one of his virtual soirées, Wridget finds himself pulled between two realities, each with its own perils and promises. Running Time 2:15 Performers Will Livingston   [Wridget]
Alex Chernow   [XLucidenialX/Butler]
Emily Dwyer   [Maid/XLucidenialX]
Caitlin Evenson   [ButtercupEGL]
Isabel Langen   [Flutterbye99]
Regina Leon   [Raskin]
James Oh   [FlyByNiteSOA]
Caroline Portante   [Scandalicious7]
Don Wood   []
Creative Staff Kieran Beccia   [Director]
Katie Whitcraft   [Scenic Designer]
Kathleen Qiu   [Costume Designer]
Sara Saavedra   [Lighting Designer]
Michael Kelly   [Sound Designer]
Colin Johnson   [Projections Designer]

Potrero Stage

1695 18th Street, San Francisco, CA 94107   Box Office:  (510) 969-6499


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