For a video guide to adding performance dates, click here.

This screen allows you to enter a range of performance dates. Ongoing open-ended performances should not enter more than six months in advance. (Records for ongoing performances can be easily extended.)

START DATE / END DATE: Select the start and end dates of your production including previews using the year, month and date drop-down menus.

DAYS / TIME: Check all days of the week that share a specific performance time and enter that time. [ EXAMPLE: WE, TH, FR, SA and 8:00 PM] and click the Save Event Schedule button. A list of performances will appear to the right of the menu. Repeat the process set of performances [ EXAMPLE: SA, SU at 2:00 PM]. Continue this process until your full performance schedule is shown in the list. 

If erroneous performances are listed [EXAMPLE: You only have Sunday matinees in the first and third week.] Click the X on that line in the far right column under the D to delete that line. Repeat for any schedule lines added in error or if one or more entries in a longer series are planned to be skipped.

Click the button with the red circle and white X under the PVW column to indicate preview performances.

The S/O column is reserved for future development use and need not be utilized at the time. If clicked it will put a Sold Out icon next to that performances data on the Event Listings page.

The B/O column is to be used for the awards program, which is currently on hold.

Click Continue to save your selections and move to the next screen. You can also use Back to return to the prior screen.


If your virtual performance can be streamed at any time, you will still need to select showtimes to appear in the listings. We recommend inputting an up to one showtime per week for the duration of the show’s availability. 


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