For a video guide to adding production credits, click here.

This screen allows you to enter a list of the production credits or event's performers and other creative and production artists. 

NAME: To add the first entry, click on the Name menu button and start typing the last name of the person you wish to list. If that person is in the database it will appear within the minimum number of key strokes necessary. If the name does not appear, please click off the menu and click New Contact. Please review instructions here on how to add a New Contact to the database. 

POSITION: Select a position for artist from the drop-down menu. You can list all actors as Performers. This also applies for music and other event submissions where specific character roles do not exist. 

Unless performed without guidance, in the dark, in the nude, on a bare stage and without any amplification or recorded content, it is assumed that in addition to Performers, each theatre production will, at minimum, include credits for at least one Director, Lighting Designer, Costume Designer, Scenic Designer and Sound Designer.


CHARACTER: Please list the name of the Character being protrayed by each Performer. If one artist is playing multple roles, please list all characters separated by a forward slash (/). [EXAMPLE: Bus Driver / Mr. Smith] Leave blank if there is no character name or if this is an Ensemble, Creative Staff or Production Staff entry.

Click Save to enter the data and it will appear in a column on the right. Continue to the next artist. Use the X button under the D column to delete a line and re-enter corrected data if needed. It is helpful to sort your entries by position as the screen will retain the selection from the prior entry.


When all credits from your opening night program are listed, please click Review in the upper right corner of the main panel to proceed to the next screen.



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