This screen allows you to see all the data you have entered about your production. It also allows you to review data pulled from our database about the venue including details like seating capacity, seating style, availability of parking and other amenities such as concessions (snacks, soft drinks, liquor). If something about this data is incorrect, please let us know in the Notes section and we will update the information.

You can return to any section and edit your production data. Do not click Submit for Review until you are satisfied with the data. Once you click Submit for Review the record is locked for further editing by the producer and queed for review. At that point edits can only be made by Theatre Bay Area staff and/or the TBA Awards program manager. Listings wil usually be published within one business day or the submitter will be contacted to confirm or correct questionable data.



Something need editing? Please send us a note with a link to the page and a description of the edit and we'll make the change! Thank you!