Any organization is welcome to submit their performing arts event to the Theatre Bay Area listings service. The following pages will instruct you on the proper method for entering data:

  • Screen I: General Information
  • Screen II: Performance Schedule
  • Screen III: Production Credits
  • Review and Submission

They are accessible by the menu on the right that will appear on all relevant pages. You may want to keep them open in a separate browser window alongside the submission screen for reference until you are familiar with the process. The listings on the Theatre Bay Area site are curated to ensure accuracy, proper style and appropriate content.

This is a free listings service available to all performing arts organizations in the Bay Area. Please only submit performances and related events such as staged readings, on-stage interviews, benefits and similar events. Do not list classes, sales or other non-performance activities. Theatre Bay Area reserves the right to edit all event listing submissions and delete material that does not meet our editorial standards.

Before you begin entering your production data, please have the following items ready:

  • all production credits including cast/character names and creative and production staff members
  • full performance schedule and high/low ticket prices
  • a production or company logo graphic in 3:1 aspect ratio (ideally 600 x 200 pixels) for display on the listings page
  • a production or promotional photo (not postcard or poster art) of at least 300 x 300 pixels with caption and photo credit

Once you have these resources in place, please click SUBMIT A PRODUCTION above to begin. It is not necessary to log in if you are either not yet a TBA member company or not submitting your production for TBA Awards consideration.



Productions by Theatre Bay Area member companies may also be submitted for TBA Awards consideration. The same basic submission process is used for both the what's playing listings and the awards program so you only have to enter the data once. However, there is some additional data required for awards program submission so producers should be logged into this site via the Registered User Login function in the right-hand column of this screen. If you do not have login credentials, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you are unfamiliar with the TBA Awards program, please click here for more information. 



Something need editing? Please send us a note with a link to the page and a description of the edit and we'll make the change! Thank you!